The Therapeutic Mission of the Kingdom of God, in addition to offering a tool for evangelism and spiritual growth of believers, also considers relevant and of paramount importance to offer the leader or pastor of a congregation a permanent service, focused on life and work demanded by the ministry. The priest Raúl Pulido, based on his call, training, research and experience acquired in 35 years of service as pastor, teacher and counselor has decided to offer to anyone who has received a call, advice in the areas of training and training as well as that regarding their personal and family life. This offer, also called PERSONAL COACHING, includes:

  • Empower and optimize values and virtues that God has given him for service in the Kingdom of God.
  • Refocus the ministry aimed at achieving efficiency and effectiveness in the vision received.
  • Rediscover passion and provide ministerial training through courses, workshops, seminars and individual and family counseling.