The Event of The Kingdom

Experiment, enjoy the realm procedures and build a better life

For three days of immersion you will be able to enjoy the healing benefits that are obtained in the therapeutic procedures of the Kingdom of God.

  • Three Lectures:

  1. The Kingdom of God and the healing of the body and soul
  2. Cause and origin of diseases
  3. The Kingdom of God and the release of bondage

    • Three Preachings:
    1. When the alarms are turned on
    2. Spiritual Pathology
    3. The medicine and treatment of the Kingdom of God
    • Four Procedures:
    1. Healing Therapy: Body Health
    2. Saving Therapy: Salvation of The Soul
    3. Liberating Therapy: Total Release
    4. Purifying Therapy: Spiritual Fulfillment
    • Personalized Interview:

      Each participant will be able to request a personal interview with Pastor Raúl Pulido. It is an opportunity to listen to you about your situation so that you can know the alternative or solution consistent to your need.

    First Event

    Dates: August 24, 25 and 26 of 2018

    Place: Hagerstown Latino Church of the Nazarene / 141 N Edgewood Drive Hagerstown. Maryland 21740

    The events will be announced

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