"The healthy people have no need for a doctor"


"Those who are healthy do not need a doctor but the sick do." Matthew 9:12

The WHO (World Health Organization) defines being healthy as "the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not only as the absence of infection or disease" and Dr. Millet says: "There is no person who has the mental faculties in perfect balance".

The massive sales of anxiolytics, anti-depressants and natural products to combat the pain of the soul, show that few people, if any, are immune to psychic pain.

People find no solution to their psychological ailments that are actually spiritual. People can no longer sleep due to this anguished need to be reassured. It is the reflection of a depressive society where many prefer to surrender voluntarily to chemicals rather than talk about their sufferings. This absorption of pills for the psychic suffering does not solve the root problem, but instead it transforms the personality of the individual.

The psychotherapist, Carlos Tobia, says: "A healthy subject is one who is able to tolerate psychic pain without having to go to something that makes him ill, such as drinking or sleeping pills."

"Those who are healthy do not need a doctor but the sick do." Matthew 9:12

From a pastoral perspective and then from having served for more than three decades as a counselor, preacher and teacher within the communities where I worked, I decided to share through this book the result of having made a pause, not very short by the way, to undergo a retrospective process of observation and voluntary analysis of my journey in order to re-read, interpret and expose more widely the response and scope that the kingdom of God has for the health of the body and soul.

The book Painless Medicine with simple and easy-to-understand language presents the "Therapeutic Model of The Kingdom of God" as the effective answer and tool, with the power to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually anyone who requires it.

This tool has four therapeutic procedures, and each one of them possesses healing virtues that contribute to the achievement of an authentic quality of life. This tool is actively involved in this process where the values and virtues that the individual possesses are enhanced and optimized until they are taken to a whole hygienic or spiritual fullness.

It is well known that everything that happens inside (soul) has an impact on the outside (body) therefore, it is not strange that some pathologies or diseases that are present in an individual disappear when it is subjected to the process of spiritual hygiene.

Body and soul have been created to work as a single team, in perfect harmony, what happens in the one imminently affects the other. When for some reason the health of the one is altered, then the alarms are triggered, the symptoms appear indicating that the system has been unbalanced. The effects are reflected in some area of health.

Raul Pulido