We are people with a mission of God  

The Therapeutic Mission of the Kingdom of God is not a new concept or fashion; it's been said, and rightly, that in religion everything new is false.

This mission was born in the heart of God, so its foundation is the Holy Scriptures. The message and procedures he performs are also consistent with God's purpose. Rescue the  man and provide him with the means of grace, so that he can recover the human quality, the same as received by the first man in Eden, and in this way, can also receive the necessary training, to enjoy a true quality of life.

This mandate has as one of its priorities, to assume and to retake the commitment to announce the unitary conception of the body and soul; that is to say: to proclaim a message where the body health and the health of the soul, are correlated. The good or bad state of the one, affects in that same sense to the other.

This mission rejects the idea that the health of the body, is an exclusive matter of the competence of doctors and psychologists, because the faith, has in itself a therapeutic dimension, as one can observe in the New Testament, where Jesus heals many patients and they are always referred to the healing virtue of faith.

Why therapeutic?

The term therapeutic is defined as part of the medicine, which deals with the treatment of diseases and in finding the right means to achieve it. It is based primarily on the methods used for healing.

Jesus used parables as a pedagogical tool in his teachings, they were stories taken from the environment in which his listeners lived. Likewise, the word "therapy" has been taken and the concept that defines it, as the appropriate analogy, which explains the procedures, which are executed in the Therapeutic Model of the Kingdom of God.

Therapy is associated with the branch of medicine, focused on teaching to treat various diseases and coping with treatment itself.

It is said that a person is receiving therapeutic treatment, when, in a situation of imbalance in health, decides to seek help and undergo a healing process, healing or physical, mental, emotional or spiritual rehabilitation.