Professor Raúl Pulido (1950) from Buenaventura, Colombia. He is the founder and in charge of directing, teaching and executing the mission's task.

Pastor Raul began theological studies at the Seminary of the Americas in Costa Rica and graduated as a theologian at the South American Nazarene Seminar in Quito, Ecuador. He worked as a professor of theology at CENETA (Center for Theological Studies at­ Subsidiaries) as well as in the Bible Institute of the Church "La Cruz" in Maracaibo, Venezuela. He served in the Pastoral Ministry for 35 years (1983-2018) in both Venezuela and the United States, where he was invited by the Metro New York District of the Church of the Nazarene and was a pastor in Brentwood (Long Island). Simultaneously, he worked as a professor at the Nazarene Bible College (NBCE).

Later in the Church of Hagerstown he received an invitation to be a pastor at Baltimore First Latin American and in Brooklyn, Maryland. For years, he was coordinator of the Latin Ministries in the now Mid-Atlantic District of the Church of the Nazarene.  

He was the founder and CEO of the BCSC-Brooklyn Community Service Center (BCSC), a Non-Profit that served in Maryland, USA. He currently lives in this last mentioned city of the United States, happily married to his wife Maria, and with his daughters Natalia and Gillian. Although retired, he continues vocationally with his pastoral work, actively participating in international assemblies, offering lectures, evangelistic and building campaigns for the church in general.